“I love the way you … stare at me/Like there's nothin' else to see!” That lyric from “I Do” typifies the subject matter on In Black & White , the topic that lies at the very heart of rock 'n' roll – lust! Sung by the band's diminutive, husky-voiced frontperson Nicole Laurin and backed by her urgent Farfisa playing, the song shakes with the anticipation of a schoolboy about to get his first taste in the backseat.

Laurin makes good use of the Farfisa throughout, appropriately played dirge-like for “Cry” and in a weepy vein for the bluesy “Broken,” a song that also features scorching guitar licks from Michael Johnny Walker. But for the most part the mood here is frantic with a slightly dark edge, polished by the kingpin of garage rock, producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs).

Grade: A