If “Wii Sports” was an aptitude test for new Wii owners, “WarioWare: Smooth Moves” is akin to cramming for midterms. Whether you've beaten “Halo” on legendary or never handled a video game controller in your life, you can thank “Moves” for leveling the playing field and delivering an experience that will drive everyone equally crazy.

For the uninitiated, “WarioWare” games are comprised of tons (in this case, more than 200) of “microgames,” which basically are minigames on speed. Each microgame lasts five seconds or less, provides maybe a word of instruction and then skedaddles out of sight while a new, randomly-chosen microgame takes over.

It sounds simplistic on paper, but in practice it's maddeningly fun, thanks equally to a bizarre graphic style, even stranger (and genuinely funny) sense of humor, and some brilliant approaches to game design not seen elsewhere. Like “WarioWare Touch” and “WarioWare Twisted,” “Moves” automatically feels fresh due to the limitless possibilities granted by new hardware – in this case, the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers.

This time, the microgames involve holding the controllers in a multitude of ways – like an umbrella, a holstered sword, a steering wheel, even an elephant's trunk – and completing all manner of objectives ranging from practical and straightforward to vague and frighteningly strange. It's not always clear (nor is it supposed to be) what to do, and it's not necessarily a cakewalk when it is.

“Moves'” only big mistake is its strange refusal to admit just how awesome a party game it is. The game case implies “Moves” is a single-player-only affair, and the manual doesn't help matters.

Worst of all, Nintendo tucked away the multiplayer mode – a euphorically fun pass-the-Wiimote train wreck-o-rama for up to 12 players – as an unlockable reward for finishing the story mode. Folks who want to share the fun right away will have to wait.

Grade: A-