Who says real punk is dead? While some bands may think they're the keeper of the punk flame, Static Thought play like they're sitting on the powder keg and the fuse is burning.

In the Trenches starts off on an urgent note with “Drug of My Mind,” a pummeling message that ideas, good or bad, are just as potent as any illicit substance. On “Corruption” Mike Have-Not plays a rapid, clicking bass track that keeps up with the twin guitar assault of Eric Urbach and Danny Garcia while Travis Davant drives the song home with manic staccato drumming.

No pop posturing or emo leanings for Static Thought; In the Trenches is full of devil-may-care punk that recalls the genre's nascent days with one major exception – these guys aren't pulling off any Sid Vicious fake. They play their instruments with a tight aplomb that belies the reckless aura they create. Play this one loud and often!

Grade: A