If you knew nothing about Dyrdin except the fact that they are from Iceland, could you figure out what they sound like? A little Sugarcubes, a little Sigur Rós? How about Blondie and Nena instead?

Dyrdin play very bouncy, keyboard-oriented pop, and they have a female vocalist Hafdís Hreiðarsdóttir. “Prins í álögum” and “Mr. Spock” are sugary numbers that snap along like Nena's “99 Luftballoons,” and the rest of the album is full of similarly delightful bubblegum that holds its flavor.

Hreiðarsdóttir has an innocent voice that recalls early Debbie Harry at her coy best, and she sings “Wake Up,” “Bubble Girl” and a few lines of “Mr. Spock” in English. Otherwise, the album is sung in Icelandic but that is of little consequence because even though you may not be able to sing along you will definitely catch the vibe. If you're not dancing by the end of this one, at least you'll be feeling good.

Grade: B