The chances of seeing a celebrity walking around Hollywood and Highland during the day are about slim to none. Even so much as getting close to the hottest teen sensation in the corridors of the Hollywood and Highland complex would result in receiving a push or two by his or her bulk force of security personnel.

Celebrities wouldn't be caught dead along the heart of the tourist district of Hollywood. It would be a feeding frenzy of flash bulbs, swarms of onlookers and a celebrity who most likely will have their head a duckin'.

In a town where people come thousands of miles hoping to see Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best option without being truly disappointed is heading to a Hollywood landmark: the Hollywood Wax Museum. Here the Governator lies, though not human, but rather the way we've always loved him – fake and robotic.

Born from the mind of a man whose name you'd think would be perfect for a wax figurine, Spoony Singh, the museum first opened its doors in 1965. While there have been branches of the museum located in Buena Vista, Calif. (sadly now defunct) and Branson, Mo., it's the Hollywood establishment that keeps the tourists coming.

You've got to love the chutzpah of the Hollywood Wax Museum. Sure, there are a lot of other wax museums in the world (Madame Tussaud's comes to mind), but can they proclaim that they are the only wax museum that is dedicated solely to Hollywood celebrities?

That's Tinseltown for you, talking big, but quite frankly the point is backed up by the 180 wax figures that line the Hollywood Wax Museum's halls. They include media stars, fictional characters and famous politicians (said Schwarzenegger).

And, who can forget those favorite movie monsters of way back when? You can't say wax museum without saying chamber of horrors. A cornucopia of wolf men, vampires and scenes of torture probably won't scare you unless you have one of those friends that likes to randomly scream for no apparent reason in dark aisles.

Everyone gets a kick out of the chambers of horrors, but the footprints outside the museum – which constitute for the movie stars sculpted in wax – are a friendly reminder as to why people keep making visits. Follow the Hollywood mantra; people want to see stars. And, stars you shall see as figures from the golden age of Hollywood to the present day objects of paparazzi obsession are here for your eyes only.

Feel free to jump “On The Good Ship Lollipop” and join in song with Shirley Temple. Conjure up that Texas drawl and two-step with “the Duke” John Wayne. Stick those thumbs up and remember to say “heeeey” as you stand toe to toe with Fonzie (Henry Winkler).

By the time you've completely walked around the museum and noticed the diorama settings – bizarre groupings of Nicolas Cage and Super Mario (Wha?!) and most notably the occasional not-so-accurate wax likenesses, just remember that it's Hollywood. It's all make-believe.

Tickets are $15.95. For more information, visit .