Because nothing says I love you quite like midgets, girl on girl action, men in drag and Mexicans, enter into the world of Lucha VaVoom. A show unlike anything else around, Lucha VaVoom fuses burlesque, Mexican wrestling and comedy into one hell of a show.

So, forget the bland box of chocolates, soon-to-be dead flowers and traditional candlelight dinner this Valentine's Day and prepare yourself and your date for a night of fun that's sure to arouse all the senses at the fourth annual Lucha VaVoom Valentine's Sextacular.  

Much like the oodles of films, comic books and collectibles that came before it, Lucha VaVoom is also inspired by traditional lucha libre, which first became popular in the 1930s. For those not in the know, Mexican wrestling features masked “luchadores” (fighters) known by their chosen or inherited aliases and super-powers.

Like fictional superheroes, the luchadores literally stay in character at all times, never revealing the man behind the mask to the public. Classified as “rudos” (bad) or “tecnicos” (good) characters, these fights often depict moral battles.

Lucha VaVoom takes this basic premise to the extreme by sexing it up and adding some raunch and loads of comedy.

Inside the classy Mayan Theatre, things are guaranteed to get a bit rowdy as bodies fly through the air and even the most calm and cool audience members turn into animals

With some of the world's best striptease artists, Lucha VaVoom will see the return of the Wau Wau sisters all the way from New York, the LVV debut of two new performers: New York delight Leroi and local lovely Lucy Fur. Show stopper Karis returns, along with Ursulina, Lola La Cereza plus many more of favorite bump n' grinding all-stars.

For those who just cant seem to get enough of the action, all three nights will prove to be a different experience. For maximum entertainment, each of the three nights will provide comedy of a different sort.  

Funnymen go mano y mano with motor mouth “Mind of Mencia” scribe Blaine Captch. Feb. 13 features the star of Comedy Central's “Comedians of Comedy's” Patton Oswalt. Feb. 14 features Lucha VaVoom darling and voice of “Spongebob Squarepants” Tom Kenny. Last but not least, Feb. 15 brings comedy juggernaut & former “Simpson's” head-writer Dana Gould.

Don't be shy, put on a mask of your own and join in on the fun and prepare yourself for a Valentine's Day you couldn't dream up.  

The Mayan Theater is located at 1038 S. Hill Street in Los Angeles. Admission is only open to those 21 and over. Doors open at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Golden Circle: $60, Ringside and Floor: $50, General Admission: $30, or $65/$35 at the door. Tickets are available at For more information, visit