This emo quartet hails from Chapel Hill, N.C., and it may be all the sweet tea that they drink that makes them stand out from the rest of the current emo pack. As the album's title indicates, there's a lot of trouble going on here.

While the stories being told by singer Jared Draughon have depressing themes, the songs themselves are rocking and uplifting. “Into a Nightmare,” “Fatal Phrase” and “Unsteady” make up a hard-luck trifecta that leads into “Losing at Life,” a slow-tempo number that could be a complete tear-jerker if not for Draughon's almost Freddy Mercury-like delivery. More metaphorical misery follows until Draughon sings about falling in love on “Stalemate (Falling in Love),” and just when you think that luck has changed he drops the bombshell, “Although my love won't fall for me.”

A true portrait of the lovable loser, this album never gets the girl. Classic Case on the other hand, should have no problem getting whomever and whatever they want.

Grade: B+