They hail from the “backwoods” of Tennessee but you won't find members of the Showdown camped out in the hills keeping an eye on their illicit still and watching for the revenue man. No, they've done drunk some of the moonshine, poured the rest into their gas tanks and roared off into parts unknown to spread the gospel of rock 'n' roll.

You would never mistake the band for Metallica, but the Showdown has a similar presentation in lots of its music, thanks primarily to singer David Bunton's penchant for twisting the last syllable of a line with an “uh- yuh !” the way that James Hetfield does.

A little screaming here and there and always heavy overtones, but these guys are also influenced by southern rockers like Blackfoot (“Breath of Swamp”) and they use a slick slide guitar intro to ease the listener into the title cut. In a further nod to classic-rock, the boys give a decent work-out to the Kansas chestnut “Carry on Wayward Son.”

Grade: B