Here lies “Superman” actor George Reeves (Ben Affleck) ... naked on his own bed, a gunshot wound in his head. Who did this, and why?

Was it the new fiancée (Robin Tunney), the studio boss wife who loved him (Diane Lane), or perhaps the boss himself (Bob Hoskins)? Or was it self-inflicted, as the police seem all too happy to assume?

A hungry private investigator (Adrien Brody as Louis Simo) has personal motivations for digging deeper, and from there, a seemingly buried case became the stuff of legend. Interweaving two separate chronological threads into one cloth, Hollywoodland also tells two stories – one of how Reeves lived, the other of how he (presumably) died.

Take away the murder mystery angle and pack an extra hour onto the biopic, and vice versa, and you have two films that could shine in their own right. Package them together and twist them around each other, as Hollywoodland so expertly does, and the time flies by much too quickly.

Extras: Director commentary, Hollywood feature, two behind-the-scenes features and deleted scenes.

Grade: A