Leg room, it's that important. Whether we're huddled at our desks at work or having a bite to eat at the family dinner table, our legs need sprawling space, fit for any amount of bizarre leg movements and not for repeated bangs on wood.

Perpetrators for causing massive violations of unease and discomfort to our lower half are our friendly neighborhood movie theaters. No one enjoys the feeling of having to lift their knees up or even get out of their seat so that any number of patrons can scoot on by as they walk in late to a screening.

The dread of having someone trip over our feet as they navigate through the tiny space amongst pitch-blackness is an occurrence that really should never occur. And if it so happens that you're over six feet tall, well … it's going to be awkward. Enjoy being a pressed sardine for two and a half hours.

You'd expect that one of the higher echelon multiplexes would accommodate for this worrisome dilemma, but sadly you're mistaken. In actuality, it's a single-screen theater (single screen means single film, and most films run for two weeks) that allows for the extension of one's legs where even touching the seat in front of you is not even necessary!

That's a lot of space, making the Vista a cinephile's dream come true. It's the ambiance that really makes the Vista one of the last few cherished cinematic treasures in Los Angeles.

Upon the naked eye, the exterior itself is left to be desired for, though the kitschy neon marquee and sign do draw your attention as you drive pass the theatre. Just be mindful of the troublesome three-corner intersection that plagues the theater's surroundings.

As you purchase your movie tickets, take a gander at the sidewalk beneath you. The Vista displays the East Side's version of Grauman's famous collection of celebrity handprints and footprints. Here, you won't find prints from icons like Marilyn Monroe, but rather those of indie favorites like the boys of Swingers.

The interior design of the theater will draw you in even more. When you check out the red draping which wraps over sculpted pharaoh heads and the bright light fixtures that hang over the arched ceilings, you'll realize why the Egyptian style meets high-end décor is beloved by the many patrons that frequent the Vista.

By the time that you've reaped in all of the visual rewards you can muster, you are then lavishly benefited even more by the theater's technical refurbishments, including that of a huge screen complete with digital surround sound.

Enjoy blockbusters to hot indies at the Vista. Borat and Pan's Labyrinth have both played at the Vista in the last few months.

While the popcorn may be doused with globs of artificial butter, and the Red Vines can be as plentiful as the amount of spare change in your pocket, take to mind this food for thought: save a few bucks and catch the matinee special (only once a day) where a ticket is a measly $5. It's a savings worth to savor.

For more information, call (323) 660-6639.