The Silos have been turning heads since their first release more than 20 years ago and Come on like the Fast Lane could not have been made by a group with more experience. The band long ago reached the point where their confidence was obvious, now the music they make is flawlessly seamless.

When Walter Salas-Humara sings “I was one of the ugly boys/I didn't really have a choice” during “Behind Me Now,” you don't need to know exactly what he's talking about. The line hits with an authenticity found in the music of artists like Steve Earle and John Mellencamp; nothing here is prettied up for the sake of pretty.

Konrad Meissner pounds out a basic but forceful rhythm on “Top of the World;” the song feels devilishly reckless as Salas-Humara sings with abandon while two electric guitars misbehave with glee. Salas-Humara can sound a bit like Jakob Dylan (or his daddy) and that is especially evident on plaintive numbers like “People are Right.”

The album ends with a tribute to womankind called “Kickass,” and that opinion can easily be extended to all of Come on like the Fast Lane .

Grade: A