In a day and age when pop music is more of a joke than a form of entertainment, most wonder whom we will have to sing with in our cars and in the shower. Another American Idol?

There was a time when we got hit with a blast of pop that stemmed from the last batch of kids hailing from the “Mickey Mouse Club.” It was all the rage, and then it slowly faded away with the power of the boy band.  

Justin made it out alive and to the top, Britney tried to follow along, but got caught up along the way. And then, there was a little genie in a bottle.

Christina Aguilera came onto the scene with the pop power, but then took a much different path … her own.

“I played the game with my first album, and then took it slow. I didn't want to burn out like other artists and put out song after song from the same album,” says the multi-platinum songstress.

Aguilera won't say whom she's referring to exactly, but we can fit any number of names into the blank.

“I'm finally doing exactly what I want,” she adds.

Back to Basics , Aguilera's latest album, is a huge step for the artist; she has taken a step in a new direction and evolved like no other. The songs range from those that evoke images of old, smoke-filled Hollywood jazz clubs to dance anthems that could get you arrested for bouncing like a fool in your car.

Now, Aguilera's only challenge is how to bring the songs from the CD to the stage.

“I want to bring this album to life; let the audience's imagination run wild, let them get out of their world,” she says.

With a stage production that has 20 band members and dancers, 130 costumes and takes 15 semi trucks to transport, it's going to be one hell of a show.

Aguilera continues, “It starts off with a big band jazz feel, and everyone gets involved. With a circus-sized show, there's plenty for the audience to enjoy.”

But the stage show isn't why this will be one of the hottest tours in '07, it's what's inside the songs that really pulls the audience in.

“I really wanted to get back to the basics of music and also who I am,” Aguilera comments. “This is my most personal album yet.”

The pop star grew up in a rough home plagued with abuse, and a lot of that comes out in the songs on this album.

“I always think it's important to open up to your fans. It's when you put yourself on the line that you really start to feel things. Back then, when they didn't have the technology that we have today, you had to touch people with raw emotion, and that's what I connected to,” she says.

Aguilera's uncompromising attitude speaks volumes to her character. “I want to be real and honest with myself and not do what everyone likes. You can't please everyone. Some people are gonna love it, and some are gonna hate it. I feel that it's important to stick to my guns and do what I want to do.”

That attitude is exactly why her shows are all sold-out, and her album is at the top of the charts.

Aguilera's show is unstoppable, and her voice is unmatched. The stage is set, now all you have to do is try and get tickets before they all run out.

Back to Basics is currently available. Christina Aguilera will perform March 5 at the Honda Center in Anaheim and March 6 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For more information, visit