I met this cool guy at the concert club at college. We started talking and flirting with each other, and have since studied together. While we were studying, he told me he was married – whoa. What is this guy doing with me, flirting and spending time with me alone? I’m confused.

—Tanya, Pasadena

Michael Todd, Coheed and Cambria
: Have you asked him what his intensions are? Sounds like you need to do that first before getting outside advice. Either way, you know that hanging out with a married man probably isn’t cool.

Love Doc: Being married doesn’t mean a guy is dead and buried. He still gets attracted to girls just like single guys. Whatever is going on with this married man he obviously enjoys your attention and hanging out with you. It may just be for friendship, but if this "friendship" starts to creep you out, I would step away fast. There are too many fish in the sea to mess around with a married shark.

I’m a 21-year-old college student and have the chance to study abroad in France next year for four months. The problem is, I don’t want to leave my boyfriend. We love each other very much and talk about marriage. I know I’ll miss him a lot. What should I do?

—Brittany, Hollywood

: Why limit your horizons for a guy? You will regret not going [to France] later on in life. If it’s meant to be, he’ll be there when you get back. Have fun.

Love Doc: Go to France! If you and your boyfriend are truly in love, then you have nothing to worry about; he’ll be there when you get back. Will you miss him? Of course you will. But more importantly, if you don’t go, you’ll be missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your trip will not only open your eyes to another culture and language but will also provide you with unforgettable memories. Write love letters, call your boyfriend long distance, but by all means, GO TO FRANCE!

My best friend is such an awesome person. She’s really intelligent and beautiful, but her boyfriend is a huge loser. He isn’t in college, and I’m not even sure he graduated from high school. He constantly gets drunk and calls my best friend horrible names. What can I say to make her see that this guy is a dirt bag and that she deserves better?

—Matthew, Valley Glen

: Your friend is not going to listen to you if she hasn’t already. She has to learn that this guy is a loser, the hard way. Just give it time. If she is smart she will figure it out. Stop being jealous.

Love Doc: Your friend probably realizes that her boyfriend is a dirt bag, but for some reason, she’s still sticking with him. Maybe she grew up with someone close to her treating her that way? Sadly, a lot of people are attracted to what they’re familiar with and not necessarily what’s good for them. Hopefully this girl will realize that you’re the right guy for her, and by sticking by her side, you’ll be the first one she turns to when this loser goes one step too far.

—Compiled by Mari Fong

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