This interesting pairing of artists, make for even more interesting music. Reid is a percussionist with more than 40 years experience under his belt, who has worked primarily on the jazz circuit with big names like Archie Shepp and Miles Davis. Hebden is the man behind the experimental jazz group Four Tet, and he is the perfect foil for Reid on this album of avant garde electronica.

The pair has a bit of a joke at the listener's expense on the first track, “The Sun Never Sets.” Hebden uses his gear to recreate the sound that a CD makes when it “sticks,” throwing in just enough of it to send you trotting to the player before you realize that the melody is still playing behind the effect.

Hebden has a field day with “People Be Happy,” too, adding all kinds of percussive blips to Reid's steady bass drum and high-hat beat. You would think that this type of music would require endless studio tinkering but everything here was done live with no overdubbing.

The duo wrote nine of these 10 songs; the one cover is a barely recognizable twist on the traditional tune, “Greensleeves.”

Grade: A