The Holiday is almost two films in one. Unfortunately, one half is better than the whole.

The good half, surprisingly, involves a Kate Winslet-Jack Black romance that is both unlikely and sweet. I say surprisingly because I assumed the Cameron Diaz-Jude Law pairing would steal the show.

Diaz, a klutzy, sweet, blonde and Law, a charming commitment-phobe would seem to be a good fit, but instead fall flat. You get the feeling watching them that they couldn't stand each other.

The conceit of The Holiday , two single, heartbroken women who choose to swap houses in hopes of a little adventure/escape, is a great place to begin a romantic comedy. I went in with high hopes.

It's almost a Freaky Friday premise with each of the two women getting a chance to experience the life of the other, while also reexamining her own life from afar. Who doesn't fantasize about situations like this?

The Holiday stalls a bit with sentimental subplots and a cringe-worthy montage of Law and Diaz frolicking in the snow, but overall the film cruises along.

Grade: B-