If there's no need to be down-hearted, how do brothers Tom and Alex White, aka the Electric Soft Parade, plan to cheer us up? Well, to be “Woken by a Kiss” is a pretty good start.

Fuzzy synthesizer played at a leisurely tempo makes for a good companion as the song strolls along at an “I've got it made” pace, finally kicking into overdrive for about 30 seconds at the end (that must be that kiss really sinking in.)

“If that's the Case, Then I Don't Know” has an over-the-top feeling that sounds very much like Utopia-era Todd Rundgren, really the only song on the album that is uplifting in a raucous way. Most of No Need is gently played and has an acoustic feel to it even if it's plugged in.

“Misunderstanding” sounds like something the Coral would do (nice!), and “Shore Song” is definitely tapped into its inner Pink Floyd. Fans of '70s group 10CC will find new best friends in the Electric Soft Parade.

Grade: A

—Kevin Wierzbicki

No Need to be Down-Hearted is currently available.