Try it once you may hate it. You may even go so far as to say you'll never do it again. Try it twice and you'll be hooked, wondering what took you so long to come around again.  

You'll crash, you'll burn, you'll be aching and bruised, but once you get the hang of it, snowboarding is a freeing feeling that's downright addicting. For those that already shred the snow, you know that sensation exactly.  

Here in Los Angeles, sunny skies surround us and summer is just around the corner. With that said, you might be thinking, aren't we a couple months late to be talking about snow?

Nope. Now is the perfect time to get up the mountain. The weather is perfect – there's no need to be bundled up – and the snow conditions are still great. So, instead of basking in the heat in Miami or Mexico for spring break, with your pina coladas and fancy drinks garnished with umbrellas, just head two hours east to the San Bernardino Mountains, strap on that board, feel the cool breeze hit your face and at the end, if you feel inclined to do so, enjoy an ice cold beer at the bottom of the mountain. (Sure go ahead and ski if you want to, but snowboarding is so much more fun, fashionable and “in” now. You just don't get that same adrenaline rush skiing as you do when boarding.)

For us Angelinos, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are the best Southern California snow resorts, perfect for either a day trip or a weekend getaway. They offer some of the largest full service learning programs and premier services, and provide some of the most dependable snow conditions around.

And yes, it's real snow. It just happens to be man made.

Now that both Bear and Summit are jointly owned, you can try both out, whether you purchase your daily pass at either resort, and shuttles will take you back and forth every half hour.

Depending on your personal style, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, if you want to hit the rails or just cruise, Bear and Summit offer something for everyone.  

At Bear Mountain, there's always room for stepping up your game. Each year Bear adds more and more terrain options, and this year is no exception.

For the 2006/2007 season the park has been reshaped yet again and now offers 118 total choices with 47 jibs and rail slides and 72 snow attractions. The Summit Fun Zones are great places to learn, filled with beginner terrain and jibbing structures. Snow Summit also suits beginners best because their runs are wider, giving more space to maneuver around people when it's crowded.

If your friends are too impatient to teach you what they've learned, don't be afraid to take a lesson; you can always meet up with them later. The resorts offer professionally taught skiing and snowboarding lessons for all ages from beginner through expert. A designated instructor guides you throughout the entire process, using a traditional method of teaching that focuses on individual attention.

As you're getting the basics down or trying out some new tricks, don't miss out on the numerous Spring Break events – which officially kick off March 31 – at Bear. They're guaranteed to liven up your day. Some of the events include: dash for cash, Ollie contest, Retro day costume contest, a Rail Jam and an Easter Egg Hunt with prizes.  

Before you head back down the mountain, don't forget to purchase a season pass now. You can use it for the rest of this season and apply it towards all of next. But don't put off the purchase, pass prices will go up after May 31.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are expected to be open well into April. To check out current snow conditions, for more information or to purchase season passes, visit or .