“I did 15 years of research for this film,” says director Paul Sapiano. “And I really hope it pays off.” Sapiano is speaking of the relentless days and nights he spent studying the Hollywood club scene, specifically, the eternally hip den of Cahuenga Boulevard and its surrounding blocks for his directorial debut, The Boys' & Girls' Guide to Getting Down .

The flick is a fun, how-to on partying like those in the know and hopefully, ending your night on a high note with the opposite sex. It also gives tips on crucial party etiquette, including how to buy your drugs and spot fauxmosexuals. (I'm not going to tell you exactly what a fauxmosexual is; I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself.) It's a very original approach to the how-to guide, complete with scientists who conduct experiments on lab animals to ensure the Guide's tips are authentic.

After shooting commercials and music videos for six years, Sapiano took time off to dedicate one full year to write the script for Boys' & Girls' . “I really wanted to make sure the feel of the film was authentic,” he assures. “Because I've lived it.”

There's no question his charming personality and wit won over Jonny Nixon, the owner of the infamous Beauty Bar and Star Shoes, where Sapiano was allowed to shoot free for five days. Undoubtedly, Sapiano's background in commercials lends itself to the film's texture and quality.

Boys' & Girls' took about seven weeks to make, with all the nighttime scenes shot in the very bars that Sapiano used to frequent himself throughout Hollywood and Silver Lake, including the Burgundy Room and CineSpace. Speaking of Cinespace, as any hipster will tell you, no party is a party without pictures.

“I ran into the Cobra Snake (a.k.a. Mark Hunter) when I was out one night, and he offered to shoot stills for me,” relays Sapiano. Hunter's photography can be seen at the beginning of the movie.

Some of the Boys' & Girls' tips include making sure you grease the bartender if you want free drinks. There's a real finesse to doing this, and the Guide provides implicit instructions to ensure you don't end up getting screwed by the tactic. There's also a section on how to throw house parties and not have to deal with the inevitable resulting mess.

Boys' & Girls' features relatively unknown actors who do a stellar job portraying their often stereotypical and completely entertaining roles. A fun fact: most of the cast members are musicians.

There are a few recognizable faces, most notably Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) from early '90s sitcom “Saved by the Bell.” If you frequent the Cahuenga bar scene you may also recognize some of the faces of working bartenders and bouncers. Indeed, even the extras are bar regulars!

Other highlights include the film's soundtrack, scored by British house music pros Dirty Vegas. Artists offering their tracks include Goldfrapp, Nightmares on Wax and Zero 7 (several of the songs have not yet been released). The soundtrack is currently available.

“I can't wait for the release of the film because there are bound to be demonstrators protesting the movie content,” Sapiano jokes.

Yes, the protestors will certainly be those unknowing folk who don't know how to get down. But all you need to do is view the movie and take notes. With more how-to movies in the works, Sapiano intends to make this a blockbuster franchise.

The Boys' & Girls' Guide to Getting Down is currently showing exclusively at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. For more information, visit www.guidetogettingdown.com.