First of all, while I realize many will not like The Pursuit of Happyness , the film is sincere with a capital S. In fact, the male half of the population may disregard the movie entirely. (One friend wrote the picture off solely on the misspelling of the word “happiness.”)

That said, I loved The Pursuit of Happyness . What some might see as a Hallmark Card/Lifetime movie sensibility, I see as a welcome, unabashed emotionalism. The director, Gabriele Muccino, who also filmed the wonderful Italian version of The Last Kiss , shows no fear (or irony) in the face of a straightforward Cinderella narrative. How shocking!

Telling the true story of Chris Gardner and his journey from homeless to extreme wealth while caring for his young son, Pursuit fulfills a deep craving I have to see the world as a potentially good place. A place of hope and possibility.

Is this so wrong to desire from a film? A story of love and success wrapped up in a happy ending? My inner child/princess couldn't be happier. Watching Will Smith's great chemistry with his charming son, Jaden placed the cherry on the top.

Extras: director's commentary, “making of” featurette, “I Can” song, Father and Son: Onscreen and Off and The Man Behind the Movie shorts.

Grade: A