Looking for a way to spice up your college life? Tired of eating Cup O’ Noodles and Hot Pockets? There’s a new school in town. Chef Leslie McKenna, a seasoned master of the art, has opened a small studio for cooking classes called Chefs, Inc., especially tailored for those who aren’t culinary-inclined.

Now before you think the obvious ‘I’m already in school’ thought, let me explain. The classes are usually one day and you don’t have any homework or exams. They’re also very small, unlike most academic classes, which provides you with plenty of time to ask questions and redo items if you make a mistake.

Chefs, Inc. classes can make you a pro in preparing meals such as lowfat, quick and healthy Salmon Enchiladas, Black Bean Chilaquiles, and meals that include an exciting fusion of ingredients like Broccoli with Lemon Hemp Oil Sauce.

While building your repertoire, you will also be exposed to some of the elite culinarians in Los Angeles including "The Bikini Chef" Susan Irby. One of the highlights of the curriculum, Irby can take you on a Southern Thanksgiving vacation – complete with a Sweet Potato Souffle and Aunt Carol’s Southern Coconut Cake – all the while dressed in a teeny-weeny bikini.

A firm believer in eating what you want, Chef Irby stresses the need for balance when consuming food.

"There is nothing wrong with indulging in food but always in moderation," urges the beautiful Irby. She also brings an edited version of her famed Cucina dell Amore exclusive culinary tour of the Tuscan experience, with wine pairings for your gourmet meal.

Another top chef joining the team is Acadie Restaurant’s owner Chef Thierry Bousson, whose restaurant is located in Santa Monica. Here at the school, the French chef demonstrates the art of making crepes. Crepes are a quick and delicious treat; you can make them savory with a white mushroom sauce or sweet with something as simple as Nutella.

A trip to Chefs, Inc. would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for friends and family members. Other classes to choose from include the Children’s Series, with holiday cookies like Gingerbread People and Snicker Doodles, or the Decadent Chocolate series where you make White Chocolate Creme Brulee and Marbled Peppermint and Chocolate Souffles. Prices range from about $50 to $75 per class, depending on the menu that you choose. In addition, you can also purchase chef’s tools, gourmet desserts and cookbooks if you’re not able to attend a class, and simply want to try making these dishes in the comfort of your home.

Chefs, Inc. is centrally located a few blocks from the Westside Pavilion. Visit Chefs, Inc. online at www.chefsinc.net. For more information on The Bikini Chef, visit www.susanirby.com.