We've all heard Rich Boy's monster hit “Throw Some D's” blaring from car speakers. The song is so hot Kanye West had to drop his own version. (The remix features Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee and the Game.)

As you listen to the Mobile, Alabama native's debut, you can't help but think of vintage Snoop Dogg, minus the classic hits. The beats are a bit above average, mostly courtesy of Polow Da Don, and the album features more than a few collaborations with artists that nobody has ever heard of.

There are some positives about Rich Boy's project. He doesn't lack for material; he's got plenty to talk about for a 24-year-old country boy and son of a liquor store owner.

Speaking of women in a derogatory manner seems like the norm for rappers nowadays, and Rich Boy doesn't break from tradition. In the end, Mobile is probably thrilled to have someone hailing from the city score a chart-topper. Despite the lackluster effort, Rich Boy is decent.

Grade: B-