The 2x8: Vert exhibition is an exciting showcase of the top student designers and architects in Southern California. Futuristic family dwellings, next-generation museums and many other advanced designs are on display; the only problem is each display is a relatively hard-to-digest cylinder of information complete with drawings, information and prototypes.

The information cylinders are on display in a gigantic Las Vegas-like hallway (without the slot machines and stale cigarette smoke, of course). I'm accustomed to using hallways to get somewhere, not to linger in for extended periods of time (at least since lunch in high school and the aforementioned Las Vegas excursions).

Therefore, I almost felt guilty taking my time to read each of the exhibits, as though my internal timer was telling me, “Hurry up, guy, you're almost to the other end of the hallway. We can do this.”

Steven Nieto's Living Tower is definitely a highlight of the show. His 4-story, single-family abode, built to sit atop the ocean, is a remarkable design that's perfect for oceanic cultures in desperate need of housing.

The Long Beach Museum of Contemporary Arts by Roberta Tseng, Jeep Pringsulaka, and Sarah Hong is truly a departure from standard art museums. Everything in their design overlooks other parts of the museum and has a remarkably warm feel, for a museum.

Jason Conner's Spec House for Chiang Mai, Thailand pays homage to Ikea bookshelves by creating a house that is actually able to grow or shrink depending on the size of the family inhabiting the dwelling. Conner's slogan for the house is “Growing Adapting Breathing,” and if scary movies have taught me anything it's the moment the house starts breathing, the number of family members inside will definitely shrink.

Pacific Design Center is located at 8687 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. 2x8: Vert is showing in the 1st Floor Blue Hallway. Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information, visit .