I went into The Good Shepherd expecting a lot. With a cast like Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon and Rober De Niro, my hopes were high. Unfortunately, especially for a spy movie, The Good Shepherd was boring.

Is it too much to ask for a little tension? A little action? How is it possible for a movie that sounds so good on paper to turn into such a snore?

The premise of the film, the early days of the Central Intelligence Agency, sounds like a great idea for a movie. The sluggish Good Shepherd manages to drain all liquid from what should have been a juicy story.

Damon plays agent Edward Wilson with an ambivalence that has become his trademark. I'm all for shades of gray in character portrayals but at a certain point, the character's opacity blocks all of my interest.

The movie has almost no beating heart with a small amount provided by Jolie. The color palette and tone all conspire to put you to sleep in a movie that would better serve the world by waking us up.

Grade: C