Twenty three tracks. Two skits. Five years in the making … How many rappers can you name that would dare to release an album in 2007 featuring Biz Markie, Keith Murray and Erick Sermon?

Label woes be damned, Redman and his Gilla House crew are still at it like it was 1997. While tracks by heavy hitters such as Timbaland and Scott Storch lace the album, Thee Album is very much Reggie Noble.

Refusing to stray too far from his blunt smoking antics and tales of Brick City, tracks such as “Put It Down” and “Gimmie One” are classic Red. And while Redman (along with labelmates Method Man, Joe Budden and LL Cool J) won't get the same love as say Jeezy, Jay and Rihanna, fans finally have something to sink their teeth into.

So here's to Muddy Waters 2 (November, 2007 – keep your fingers crossed), and the end of mediocre films, short-lived TV shows and commercials (deodorant, was it?).

Grade: B