Red Road is the story of Jackie, a CCTV (surveillance) operator who watches over Glasgow, Scotland. Nothing eventful happens until one day she spots a man on the security monitor who she never thought she'd see again. Jackie is determined to do whatever it takes to confront him about the tragedy he caused her long ago.  

This film – opting for visuals and expressions over words – captures the emotions of a fearless woman trying to mend her past and move on. It's a journey through awkward love, vivid sex, spontaneous rage and empathized pain, in hopes of justice and closure.

Actress Kate Dickie does a good job at carrying the story, minus the aid of hefty dialogue. There is something to be said for a woman who can pull off fear and bravery (using no words) in the same breath.

Clyde (Tony Curran) was my favorite character by far. It took an entire film for me to gage if I trusted or distrusted, loved or hated, fought for or against this character.

There is a discomfort in liking a character that is being portrayed as someone so heinous in the eyes of the protagonist. Curran did a phenomenal job at embodying the mystique that resonates in Clyde.

Red Road is one in a series of three films directed by three different individuals surrounding the same four characters. I anxiously await the next.

Grade: C