While Toronto and hip-hop may not be synonymous, MC Kheaven Brereton, a.k.a. K-OS, proves with Atlantis – Hymns for Disco, Canada has more going on than snow and health care. This, his third album, successfully ventures into the experimental realm, mixing old-school beats with indie rock jams, creating a sound that is no less than eclectic.

The album manages to be a masterful blend of classic sounds, yet has a freshness that could compete with Gnarls Barkley and OutKast. K-OS hops from traditional hip-hop flavor on opening track “Electrik Heat – the Seekwill” to a ballady, slow jam with “The Rain.”

While the leap works, the diversity makes the album lack cohesiveness. Aiming for indie cred, K-OS gets help on “Valhalla” from Broken Social Scene's Sam Roberts and Kevin Drew.

At times “Atlantis” comes across too contrived with the strain to be on the edge. However, the album is a crisp mix of hip-hop with a message of spirituality, celebration and emotion.

Grade: B