The Last King of Scotland , starring Forest Whitaker in his Oscar-winning performance, tells the brutal story of General Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda, and his tenuous friendship with his personal doctor cum political adviser, Nicholas Garrigan (relative newcomer James McAvoy).

The rise and fall of the duo's relationship mirrors Amin's rule and Uganda's love affair with him. The shaky friendship, along with the country, unravels before our eyes, leaving utter destruction in its wake.

After an initial infatuation, Garrigan soon lets his own moral compass waver along with the general's, until right and wrong seem to intertwine. The Scotsman begins to lose his way, embarking on an ill-advised affair with one of Amin's wives. Both men seem hell bent on living their lives like a game of Russian roulette.

Whitaker and McAvoy shine in well-written roles brought to you by Peter Morgan ( The Queen ). The movie belongs to Whitaker, who manages to bring a frightening, yet charming magnetism to a real life demagogue.

Extras: director's commentary, deleted scenes, Capturing Idi Amin documentary, and Whitaker featurette.

Grade: B+