Without a doubt, Timbaland is one of the top five greatest hip-hop producers out now. Moreover, he is currently at the top of his game. That said, Shock Value falls short of expectation.

To be sure, he is light years ahead of others and manipulates sounds with a pimp-hand that is unmatched. Timba managed the unthinkable by getting the ever-illusive Dr. Dre on a track (“Bounce”), and then there's the track with [pause for it] Sir Elton John (“2 Man Show”).

But features aside (enough Justin already – seriously) Timbaland is most definitely NOT an MC. In the age of ghostwriters, he should have his pick.

Lastly, the album doesn't do justice in showing his incredible versatility as a beatsmith – despite the presence of rock acts. It's safe and rides the wave of JT's FutureSex/LoveSounds too much.

Highlights: “Come & Get Me” and “Miscommunication.” Honorable mention: Nina Simone sample in “Oh Timbaland.”

Grade: B