Anyone expecting “Stacy's Mom” part two is going to be disappointed with this new album. Traffic and Weather employs the swirling mix of '60s to '80s pop music that permeated the group's previous releases, with a wink and a nod to everyone from the Beatles to Billy Joel.

This time the songs are far more personal and confessional. The hopes for a better future that bolstered earlier outings have been replaced by cynicism, pessimism and characters devoid of faith.

There's the lonely couple who never connects in punchy “Someone to Love,” the Department of Motor Vehicles romance that never occurs in the otherwise zippy “Yolanda Hayes,” but most particularly there are the bitter recriminations of adultery that pepper “This Better Be Good.” Even the cheerful vibes of psychedelic nugget “Planet of Weed” seem false, hazy rather than reality-induced.

Traffic and Weather is the perfect pop music companion for anyone who has felt the stings of self-doubt or the pitfalls that can doom a relationship.

Grade: B