You know there's something going on when a young band takes their name from an obscure song by an old band as this trio did with the Kinks' “Everybody Else.” These guys have clearly spent lots of time dusting off vinyl and listening to oldies radio – a great place to turn for inspiration when so many contemporary groups are beating the same old sound to death.

Everybody Else pays tribute to the big daddies of dino-rock, the Beatles, with an opening cut called “Meat Market.” Carrick Gerety has a very strong, flexible voice, and he sounds miraculously like a young John Lennon on the energetic cut.

From there on out though the lads craft their own modern sound that showcases well-written songs and Gerety's vocals. The singer has the ability to throw his voice into tremolo mode whenever he wants, a trick that he puts to good use on “Born to Do,” and that sets the band's signature throughout.

Grade: B