We’ve all been there: You’re out with friends and someone suggests going for a bite to eat, but one of them is a vegetarian and the rest want a big burger with all the trimmings. Where can you go to keep everyone happy?

Right next to Paramount Studios on Melrose, Astroburger is the unlikely-named solution to all your food problems. Along with the classic burgers, tacos, subs and hot dogs, the menu also includes the Gardenburger – a vegan soy burger that Astroburger first introduced to California in 1986.

With its big blue star ("astro" is Greek for "star") hung outside, the red and yellow livery and ’50s-style silver stools and booths, Astroburger looks like the traditional L.A. diner. However, one glance at the huge menu – so large that it puts some restaurants to shame – shows an amazing selection of vegetarian food, along with just as many items for our meat-loving friends. Each offering has been painstakingly selected by Athens-born owner Cosmos, a vegetarian himself who insists that he won’t sell anything he wouldn’t eat himself.

Astroburger is a favorite of celebrities and mere mortals alike, largely because of their strict, yet wholesome policies that include whole-wheat buns, unsalted fries and no MSG or lard. They also uniquely pre-cook ("glaze") their fries in canola oil, rather than the artery-clogging beef oil that is generally used. "Preparation is everything," Cosmos insists.

It’s this attention to detail and prices that makes Astroburger one of the best-known places for those who care about what they put into their bodies, yet still want to satisfy their tastebuds.

"People said I was mad when I took on the Gardenburger," says Cosmos, "but nearly 30 years later, it’s our most popular burger by far. [It] won the ‘Best Veggie in America’ award from PETA last year."

Fashions and times may have changed, but Astroburger is still the joint that people come to from far and wide when they want to chow down. Be sure to check out the soy chicken fajita wrapped in a green spinach tortilla and stuffed full of peppers – truly delicious!

Astroburger is open Sun.-Thurs. 7 a.m.-midnight and from 7 a.m.-1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit astroburger.com.