This is your standard issue, three hicks from the sticks cow-punk, and we're all better off for having more of it. Columbus, Ohio's Two Cow Garage plays twang-etched rock 'n' roll, like the Replacements covering Merle Haggard or Son Volt led by a young Bob Mould.

Frontrunner tracks include “Epitaph,” guaranteed to caffeinate your brain and “Come Back to Shelby,” which cites Shakespeare and John Mellencamp while confirming that love hurts. Other highlights include “Camaro,” a trajectory that combines a fast car with sex at midnight at the local reservoir with the Who on the radio.

The electrified crunchers are balanced by acoustic notches that punctuate pieces such as “Should've California,” with lyrics about lost possibilities and the anthemic “No Shame,” which has a timely personal and political message: “There ain't no shame in just giving up and walkin' away.” III shows what happens when a band maintains a casual, loose feeling in service of stripped-down tunes that bellow and breathe.

Grade: B