Ola Podrida's self-titled debut feels like an old flannel shirt: familiar, comfortable, lived-in and full of memories. It's a soundtrack for life's growing pains and emotional gains.

David Wingo's powerful, grizzled voice, rawer still in person, carries a sort of warmth and pain. It mixes effortlessly with layers of whining guitar strums, plucky banjos and softly played percussion. He'll take you from the corners of a dark bar through the end of a marriage and put the casualties of infatuation on display while reminding you how good it feels to fall in love.

Songs like “Cindy” play like a movie, as the title character moves on by setting her past ablaze with Wingo's evocative lyrical imagery. As the scenes play before you, the song sparks, building energy and volume that rings with destruction.

“Photo Booth” is a detailed snapshot of the sweet beginnings of a relationship and “Lost and Found” is a real gem; describing the rotating door of young relationships: “I'm not afraid to say goodbye/As long as someone else caught my eye,” reminding you that “If we all fall down/Another train's comin' 'round/Packed with others getting lost and found.”

Also look for Wingo's acoustic “Battle Hymn of Purpose/Wonder” from Craig Zobel's upcoming awkwardly endearing film Great World of Sound .

A record like Ola Podrida's could easily be lost in the surge of folk indie, but the resonance lies in the rawness and the relatability that will get under your skin and stick in your ear.

Grade: A-