The simple challenges of youth no longer revolve around school bullies, allowance and household chores. Growing up today is a tumultuous journey.

At the project: Gallery, four artists have opened a show called Youthful Indiscretions , examining the notion of developing in such a troubled society while maintaining the innocence and playfulness of childhood. While each artist appears unique and confident in his or her style, the similar subject matter makes the whole have a greater impact in the small gallery space.

One featured artist is a fine art/art history graduate of Cal State Northridge , Derek Albeck. His pieces consist of a series of images that record the lives of a tribe of social recluses, “The Glums.”

This band of misfits has wide, teardrop-shaped eyes and hooded faces. The acrylic-on-wood-and-paper images tell the story of a disenchanted group that's set on re-establishing a form of society.

With the teardrop shape recurring throughout his work and titles such as “The Defamation of Innocence” and “A Constant Restraint,” Albeck successfully creates a mood of destruction with underlying tones of hope.

Another artist on the rise was Rebecca Artemisa Urias. For an artist relatively new on the scene, Urias's work was marked with many sold dots at the opening reception.

Intricate details and delicate subject matter make her pieces poignant, but palatable. Her works capture the whimsy of youth with dreamlike landscapes and children frolicking throughout. For one standout piece titled The Great Escape , Urias and Albeck collaborate, and “The Glums” enter a fantastical world.

While continuing to reflect images of juvenility, artist Nate Frizzell's work seems far less innocent and more complex. As the standout of the four, Frizzell amazingly captures emotional conflict with his acrylic-on-wood paintings. Lost and Found and Float Along allow Frizzell to delve into the subconscious and create a story.

The final artist of the Youthful four is Edwin Ushiro. Ushiro's paintings reflect a strong Japanese influence and subject matter. His work maintains an air of mystery with faceless female images in natural settings.

The diversity and overall aesthetic of Youthful is just as appealing as the idea of youth itself. This is a must-visit for the novice art appreciator, or just anyone wanting to hang onto and explore the fleeting days of innocence.

project: Gallery is located at 8545 Washington Boulevard in Culver City. For more information, visit .