The Blood Brothers have never been a band that is shy about getting its fans riled up. But while Wednesday's audience performed in the ritual manner of a mosh-pit, the concert at the El Rey seemed to fall a little short of what has become expected of a Blood Brothers show.

Lead vocalist Johnny Whitney just couldn't muster up the energy to hit the right intensity, which is so vital when so many of the group's songs are dependent on his high-wailing screams. It wasn't just the frontman, however, the entire band seemed to lack enthusiasm.

There was none of its usual spasming or jumping around on stage and little of the audience interaction that we've come to expect from a proper Blood Brothers concert. The band only seemed focused on getting through each song to the end.

I can't say the members' apathy comes from touring so long because I saw them earlier this tour and witnessed the same thing. It might be that the new album material doesn't favor the older, upbeat dancing display they've shown us in the past.

The fans only really got excited when the band started playing songs off its earlier albums. Presumably weary of its older tracks, the band has reformatted them – adding in abrupt pauses to their breakdowns – which only helped to confuse the residents of the mosh-pits as to when was the proper time to hit the person next to them.

In all, if you're planning on seeing the Blood Brothers at their full greatness as I have in the past, you might want to hold off until a new album comes out, or at least until, hopefully, they can play more of their hits, rather than filler off their most recent album.