Avril Lavigne is full of herself.

She's appeared that way since she emerged as a snotty teen-nobody with her debut, Let Go , in 2002. Powered by her hits “Complicated” and “Sk8ter Boi,” she instantly became the media penned anti-Britney.

Maybe she's arrogant because she sings pop with a punk attitude. With Under My Skin , her melancholy sophomore release that sold 8 million records, never before had it been so clear. Lavigne thinks the world of herself.

As if the title of her latest creation, The Best Damn Thing, doesn't say enough, nearly each of the album's 12 tracks do. Lyrics like: “I'm damn precious, and hell yeah I'm the motherfucking princess” (“Girlfriend”), “I'm the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen” (title track) and “Don't you disagree, 'cause you know it's all about me” (“I Don't Have to Try”) are just a taste of what the album has to offer.

Lavigne was 17 when she made her debut. Today she is 22 and a newlywed; she married the Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley last year. It certainly doesn't appear like she's matured much. She's still singing about petty high school drama, which will potentially alienate fans.

If anything the album shows she's having more fun this time. Kids will eat up the catchy anthems and chants, and with the overabundance of confidence laced throughout the record it may just give listeners' self-esteem a little boost too.

Grade: C +