With Relient K’s Mmhmm in demand even before its release date – a few songs being the most downloaded on Purevolume.com – you know it’s got to be good.

If you love the sound of bands like blink-182 and Sum 41 but want something a little more positive, then Mmhmm is the perfect fit. The album includes a wide range of quick tempo power chords, upbeat guitar riffs and a few more serious, melodic ballads.

The lyrics in Mmhmm are honest and heartfelt, filled with thoughts about finding your place in life and finding answers to personal questions, even if it means screwing up a lot along the way.

A nice addition to Relient K’s sound is the backbeat and mixing skills of Tom Lord-Alge on "High of ’75" and "My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend." The most notable song is the lyrically intense and musically complex "Which to Bury; Us or the Hatchet" that flows directly into the very sweet and melodic "Let It All Out."

Relient K’s latest album proves to be their best yet; they’re the same loveable goofs with a message deeper than the usual teen-angst ridden punk.

The music in Mmhmm speaks for itself and will prove to be an addictive listen.

Grade: A+