Although there will never be another crossroads like the one Bone Thugs brought with E.1999 Eternal , the unmistakable harmonies of their quick fire rhymes tempered by their often balladic songs dominate its newest CD.

With Bizzy Bone's final split from the group in 2005, its attempts to stay relevant in the drastically changing face of hip-hop have lead to an overwhelming number of collaborations with popular artists.

With features including Mariah Carey, Felicia and Akon, on nearly every song, the outside efforts on this album teeter on the line of overcompensation. Bone Thugs' individual evolution of sound becomes muddled amongst the ensemble of other talents.

Starting out strong with “Flow Motion,” the CD hits a high note with “Streets” featuring the Game and The Fleetwood Mac sample heavy “Wind Blow” utilizes the timeless folk-rock song “The Chain” in ways Stevie Nicks would've never imagined.

Grade: B-