Some would say the Detroit Cobras play soulful rock. Others would flip the description over to rocky rhythm & blues.

Chrissie Hynde sound-alike Rachel Nagy leads her band through a choice selection of obscure (or at least lesser-known) oldies that all come out sounding like they were written just for her. Because Nagy sounds so much like Hynde, comparisons to the Pretenders are inevitable, especially on songs like “It's My Delight.”

But the Detroit Cobras marinate their sound in a sweet soul hybrid—a dash of Motown, a pinch of Philly, Memphis added to taste. You can almost hear a '60s DJ sending this stuff out over the airwaves with a corny (but fitting), “It's the sound you can't put down!”

Leadbelly's “On a Monday” is turned into a rave-up, “You'll Never Change” is an ode to infidelity set to a hypnotic sway that mimics a cheater's trance and Little Willie John's “Leave My Kitten Alone” is a high-camp sing-along complete with plenty of sultry background meowing.

The album title Tied & True is a pun of sorts referring to the fact that these songs are tried and true, and the Detroit Cobras prove here that this music is indeed timeless.

Grade: A