Next time you need a shot of your favorite hyper-caffeinated drink, try Nashville's garage-rocking quartet the Clutters instead. The foursome's patented audio adrenaline is guaranteed to get your morning kick started.

This is music that jumps right out of your CD or MP3 player and pins your ears to the closest wall. When the band sings,“We stole the radio” on the anthemic “Radio,” it's like when the Ramones declared, “We want the airwaves” two generations ago: you surrender and let them have what they need.

The Clutters move from one raucous, catchy tune to another, just the way unpolished rock music is supposed to. Ringing, thick guitars, whirling Farfisa organ and knock-'em down drums and bass careen with enough power to keep you going through the sweatiest workout.

While some might think of the White Stripes, this yelping, sneering riff heavy material is closer in spirit to earlier outfits like the Mummies, the Gories and garage-rock godfathers the Sonics.

Grade: A