Untitled Document Here's how the development meeting for “FreeStyle Street Basketball” went: Someone mentioned that MMOs like “World of Warcraft” are huge. Someone else said that sports games are huge, and it became a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup moment.

The problem is, level-based online gaming and basketball are not necessarily two tastes that taste great together. Characters get stats ranging from passing to 3-point shots, meaning that even amazing gamers will still miss the majority of shots they take until they go up a few levels.

Lag also makes a big impact on the gameplay, even considering that the graphics look like they would be at home on the Dreamcast. The ability to buy Ecko clothing as power-ups is far too cynical a product tie-in, especially since you have to use real money to buy game money to buy the clothes.

All of that said, the actual basketball can be fun (assuming you can avoid the MMO-curse of annoying teammates). It's also nice that there are no monthly fees, and if you pay for it, you can get alternate character slots. That's assuming you feel the urge to stick with the game for more than 3 levels.

Grade: D