I have found the greatest pizza spot in all the land. It is by no stretch of imagination that Village Pizzeria reigns supreme as the most delightful, affordable, reputable, unbelievable, addictive, perfect pizza spot visited by human kind. No exaggeration.

First, there's the ambiance (if such a place can be referred to as having one of those). You walk in off the streets of Larchmont and enter a sidewalk joint more likely located in Brooklyn, NY.

Seeing as how I've never been to Brooklyn, I'm guessing a pizza joint there would look much like this one.) Train stations painted on the wall, autographed pictures of the famous comers and goers, extendable tables, bathroom keys attached to huge spoons, reds and greens and clocks and pans, much like Brooklyn, I'm sure.

Then there's the menu. My personal reference to the types of food they offer is limited because seeing as how I am into foolish consistencies, I rarely look at the menu anymore.

I think the first, maybe second, time I saw the menu was probably my last. I sit down, and in no time (yes, all that goodness and fast service, too) I'm asked what I'll have to order.

“I'll have the…” I'm cut off mid-sentence by the oh-so-familiar waiter, “No. 1 meal deal with a slice of chicken, balsamic for the salad and a side of marinara,” she completes my order for me. I simply agree with a smile and nod.

Yeah, some may think it's sad that I frequent a place enough to have my order memorized by the staff, but I prefer to look at it as loyal. (Note: I've heard incredible things about the “mighty meatballs,” baked ziti and Sicilian-styled pesto pizza, but again, I know only of what I've tried.)  

My salad arrives at the table. It appears to be a run on of the mill side salad, but it's so much more; the freshest greens, the most vibrant tomatoes, and then there are the olives. (I suggest removal of the olives, but again, personal preference.)

I immediately drown the salad with my tasty, seemingly special vinaigrette and take a bite. Ummm!

Before I can look up, my garlic roll (essential with the No. 1 meal deal) is placed on the table (all warm, garlicky and fluffy) accompanied by my side of marinara sauce. I break the roll, sop it up with the sauce, place it in my mouth and implode in ecstasy. Yes, it's just that serious!  

The prequel to my main course could not have gotten any better when … hey, there's Steve (the owner)! He sits and we talk about passion, people, pizza, recipes, logic, beginnings, ends and the list goes on. I bombard him with questions.

“What is it Steve? How do you make such incredible pizza?”

Steve replies matter-of-factly, “It's just a recipe started, followed and adhered to. Not cheated, not compromised and not rushed.”

There you have it. Simply put. Just as he's humbly accrediting his success to “excellent commitment from a loyal staff,” I meet the masterpiece.

My pizza is the same perfection today as it is every other day at the pizzeria. My chicken is slightly browned, my cheese is rich and melted, my crust is as crispy, yet soft as I love it, the sauce is as if grandma made it. I have found my piece of heaven.

I devour my meal, smile, pay and walk to my car a little happier than I came.

For more information, call (323) 465–5566 or visit www.villagepizzeria.net.