What sets writer/director Judd Apatow’s flicks apart from their bawdy cousins is that they are always intelligent, never slapstick and ultimately, have a huge heart at their core.

Such is the case with Knocked Up. Beneath its hip, witty and sometimes coarse exterior beats a heart as sweet as eggnog. Knocked Up is also silly, rude and of course, very funny.

The story follows Alison Scott, played by the strikingly beautiful Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”). Alison is an up-and-coming reporter for the E! network. She spends her days juggling celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Ryan Seacrest and Eva Mendes. (These A-listers all have brief cameos.)

Things could not possibly be going better for Alison. Little does she know that life is about to throw her a big curve ball in the form of the slightly chubby, mostly geeky, but somehow charming Ben Stone, played to comedic perfection by Seth Rogen (You, Me and Dupree).

Ben gets the opportunity of his lifetime in the form of Alison. The two meet at a club, Ben buys Alison a drink, dances with her and charms her pants off (literally). The two hook up for the inevitable one-night stand.

Flash-forward eight-weeks later, Alison learns she’s pregnant. To her surprise, Ben is very supportive of her decision to keep the baby.

This is where the real magic of the film begins. Both Ben and Alison meld together beautifully, and the story is surprisingly touching.

And that is the genius of a Judd Apatow film. He has crafted a chick flick that guys will also love.

Grade: A

Knocked Up releases in theaters June 1.