Hanson went indie. Who’d of thought? They’ve finally got the musical freedom they’ve long sought and the opportunity to be more than just pretty faces and catchy beats.

Hanson’s most impressive aspect has always been the band’s amazing ability to harmonize, and Underneath is no exception. For this latest effort, however, their harmonies are slightly overshadowed by the over-processed nature of the album. But what would you expect from an album that took four years to complete?

The new album has that catchy, ’80s pop feel, yet finds Hanson rocking harder than ever. While full of fun classic rock elements, Underneath also has a serious, poetic side with lyrics telling stories of love, loss and love gone horribly wrong.

A noteworthy highlight is the vocal and musical talent development of the young Zachary Hanson, who plays a killer piano and has refined his ballad vocal abilities. "Lula Bell" is an especially beautiful piece, reminiscent of a Beatles-Paul McCartney anthem.

Grade: A