When I attended college in Rhode Island, there was a movie theater called Cable Car Cinema & Café on Main Street that housed big couches and a café. People would munch away while watching new and old flicks. The college crowd seemed to love this type of set-up, sprawled out in comfort without having to worry about eating dinner beforehand.

Then, for my junior year I studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia (they didn’t have academic programs in my first choice, Tahiti) and every Friday night we Americans would congregate at the local pizza place that showed American movies. We would devour the pizza and film, desperate for any and everything familiar that reminded us of the United States.

These days, my brother, who lives in Oakland, frequents a local spot where you can dine and watch. It’s his favorite thing to do on the weekends.

And of course, there’s always CineSpace here in L.A., which offers its signature “Dinner & a Movie” every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

Basically, people want to eat at the movies. And not just popcorn and candy. ArcLight has jumped on the bandwagon with its Unique “21+” Screenings. This Thursday, catch Waitress starring Keri Russell.

Here’s the plot: When Jenna (Russell), a waitress in a cheery southern diner, discovers she’s pregnant, she doesn’t exactly jump for joy. Motherhood was never in her plans, and she’s already saddled with her needy, jealous and infantile husband, Earl. At first, things seem hopeless and her dreams for a better life are in ruins, until a good-looking doctor arrives in town and mixes things up.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a martini, beer or other libation while watching a cool new flick. Admission is restricted to those age 21 and over. ID required.

ArcLight Cinemas is located at 6360 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Admission is $11. For more information, call (323) 464-1478 or visit www.arclightcinemas.com.