When you think “fridge,” are you thinking, “Hmm, a few slices of bologna, half an onion, the last beer?” Well then, you’re definitely in the wrong kitchen!

Open this Fridge, and out pops The Sun, the long-awaited set of free jazz/rock/ambient manna from Kieran Hebden, Sam Jeffers and Adem Ilhan. The instrumental music these guys make is sort of “found” music; apparently spare like your onion and lunchmeat special, but upon closer inspection revealed as carefully crafted and honestly tasty.

“The Sun” is basically a jazz drum solo prettied up with extra percussion and offset with a simple melody played on what sounds like a Theremin. “Clocks” is similarly reliant on percussion at first, but the song quickly turns to an acoustic guitar riff for leadership, airily flying along like a perfect day.

Whether they’re revisiting Alan Parsons and his “I Robot” sound with “Comets,” nibbling with the delicate “Insects” or giving the skins a 40-second workout on “Drums of Life,” Fridge proves to be full of midnight snacks and a lot more.

Grade: A

The Sun is currently available.