The release of this DVD is timed to coincide with Barry Bonds’ imminent record breaking home run. It is a well-produced and highly charged look at Bonds’ accomplishments on the baseball field and the personal turmoil he has endured off of it.

While highlighting Bonds’ evolution into one of the game’s greatest players, the documentary also examines the many questions surrounding his ascent, including the BALCO steroid scandal. In thrilling fashion, the DVD relives all of Bonds’ milestone moments – his 500th home run and his 660th home run, when he tied his godfather, Willie Mays.

Fans of the game of baseball and those curious about the reclusive superstar can enjoy bonus features that include interviews with baseball media, former teammates and rare interviews with Bonds’ family members. The most compelling sound bites come from Bobby Bonds, Barry’s father, and the man whose personality and temperament influenced him the most. Hearing his father’s comments will certainly enlighten viewers about why the slugger has been distant with teammates and combative with the media.

This DVD is not about whether you like or dislike Bonds, or believe he is worthy of breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record. It is a historical account of the life of the greatest baseball player since Babe Ruth as he approaches the most hallowed record in sports.

During a career filled with historical achievements, scandals and colorful battles with the press, Bonds has provided ample subject matter for an introspective documentary that is a must-have for baseball fans and historians of all ages.

Grade: A

SportsCentury Greatest Athletes: Barry Bonds is currently available.