First, I’m going to tell you a secret. A secret that didn’t break my heart but made my jaw drop and eyes sparkle with the legitimacy of Nancy Drew’s sneakiness, as even her conception is bred with literary trickery. You might know that in 1930, Edward Stratmeyer created Nancy Drew and developed her into a syndicated book series that was then assigned the unifying pseudo-author name Carolyn Keene.

The turn as they say, comes when you realize the original Nancy Drew books were all written by individual ghostwriters. If you think that No. 3 The Bungalow Mystery read a little differently than No. 15 The Haunted Bridge, you’re probably onto something, as to this day there is no official or legal record of who wrote what.

Nancy Drew as the O.G.s know her was cloaked in sophisticated high-end clothing, complete with pearl earrings, gloves and a gun in her expensive handbag. Maintaining a preppy fashion sense and an overall conservative nature her charm allows us to overlook, Nancy develops into a more relatable, but still worldly, everyday teenager.

Extremely book smart with eye-opening experiences from Florida to Russia, Nancy begins to get her khakis dirty as her adventurous spirit takes her sailing, swimming and tennis playing. Complete with an intimate friend and family life, Nancy’s two best friends Bess and George, hunk boyfriend Ned Nickerson, lawyer father Carson and motherly figure maid Hannah Gruen, lend her a unique atmosphere for her young detective life.

In honor of Ms. Drew’s 2007 cinematic reinvention in Nancy Drew the movie, we wander through the detective trails of her time-worn past that often land her comfortably pool-side at a resort.

No. 15 The Haunted Bridge: Everyone loves a friendly ghost, especially when it’s amidst a golf tournament. Once again the trail of mystery leads Nancy Drew and her lawyer father to a summer resort, overshadowed by the menacing darkness of a neighboring forest, complete with bridge-guarding ghost. Tracking down a gang of jewel thieves and spraining her hand is only the beginning of this young sleuth’s troubles.

No. 45 The Spider Sapphire Mystery: Taking her danger-seeking skills global, Drew finds herself on a safari in East Africa with a group of other students. Intrigue originates in her hometown of River Heights as it often does with a new client of her father’s and a missing jewel.

An incredible spider sapphire formed in the jungle millions of years prior has gone missing, and coincidentally, an equally incredible jewel surfaces at Carson’s client’s gem store. Wading through threats at home and abroad, Nancy steps it up a notch in this one.

No. 39 Nancy Drew Files: The Suspect Next Door: Nancy maintains her down-to-earth, detective ways in this series as she’s confronted with cases closer to her home and heart. When attractive blond neighbor Nikki Masters moves in next-door with an obsessive, stalker boyfriend in tow, Nancy can’t help but become involved. Bess wants a new red dress she can’t afford, Nikki receives stolen jewelry and Nancy has no time to spend with boyfriend Ned!

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery – Hits And Misses: It’s as natural as Ken and Barbie. Nancy unites with brother detective team Joe and Frank to solve a big-city mystery the Star paper would be proud of.

What do a John Doe amnesia patient, beautiful pop singer and primitive form of “American Idol” have in common? Only the chiseled Hardy Boys and Strawberry blond bombshell can tell you.

Nancy Drew releases in theaters June 15.