Wax Tailor is a French artist who uses turntables, keyboards and samplers to whip up a potent potion of trip-hop. Hope & Sorrow starts off with a heavy dose of mystery as a bit of spoken word explains how samplers work, while a twangy “spaghetti Western” guitar riff lurks in the background, eventually giving way to an eerie non-vocal that sounds like something that dropped off a Diamanda Galas album.

The expect-the-unexpected vibe continues to good effect – flute, strings and ska guitar aren’t things you’d expect to back up spittin’, but there they all are on “The Games You Play,” a track that features a guest appearance from the Voice. “The Tune” is an ode to songs that get stuck in your head; it likely won’t be hanging out in your noggin, but your body will offer it a nice home until it finally shakes out of your feet on the dance floor.

Grade: A

Hope & Sorrow is currently available.