Let’s Go Sailing adeptly offers up dreamy, orchestral pop on its recording, The Chaos in Order. Fronted by singer-songwriter Shana Levy, the band wears its influences on its sleeves, drawing on shimmering pop icons the Sundays and the experimentation of contemporary acts like Wilco.

Unfortunately, this is not always the easiest music to pull off live. It was impossible to escape the tuning and pitch issues that permeated the set, while trying to appreciate the dreaminess of these simple, well crafted pop songs.

Beyond the somewhat uneven musical performance of the band members, their stoic stage presence translated to the fairly docile crowd during most of the set, save for a few crowd favorites such as the infectious “Sideways.”

On a night billed as a “Record Release Party,” it seemed a little more energy in the performance might have been in order. Perhaps this was just a bit of an off night.